ABC HoofPrint Trim

The easiest and most proficient trimming method available.
Presented by Cheryl Henderson

Working TOGETHER on behalf of the HORSE

How can we help your horse, mule, donkey, or mini? Services available in southern Oregon:

  • Natural Trimming
  • Therapeutic Trimming
  • Life Style Evaluation
  • Hoof Assessment
  • Onsite Rehabilitation Clinics
  • Private Lessons
  • Hoof Care Fair
  • Founder, Laminitis Specialist

Call for Rates. 541-899-1535

Realizing the need for information about the hoof, ABC Hoof Care has participated in equine gatherings, and presented seminars.  We provide educational materials to understand the VITAL HOOF: bones, hoof capsules, dissected cadavers, photos, trimming information, and more....